WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence Can Do Anything… Including Talk about Sex Toys

...on national television

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Jennifer Lawrence has become America’s sweetheart this year by refusing to take Hollywood seriously. Her candid interviews as she promotes Hunger Games: Catching Fire and American Huslte have won fans over.

She’s said she gets hungry on the red carpet. She’s totally OK with embarrassing herself. She admitted to taking a shot after winning an Oscar. She’s railed against fat shamers. She thought it was weird when CNN ran a news alert about her haircut. She’s always hilarious during interviews and utterly gifable. She’s adorably normal.

And last night on Conan, she was at it again: Treating Conan O’Brien like a friend sitting in her living room, Jennifer Lawrence told a story about a hotel maid busting her for hiding a joke sex toy collection under her bed.


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