Ashley Judd, Sister Spar Over Tracking Device in Car

Ashley Judd has asked for privacy after filing a police report

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Ashley Judd attends the 'Olympus Has Fallen' Los Angeles Premiere held at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome on March 18

Ashley Judd made a plea for privacy Wednesday after accusing her sister, country singer Wynonna Judd, of putting a tracking device on her car. In a statement on her website, Ashely Judd confirmed she has filed a police report.

For my safety and that of everyone around me, I naturally filed a police report, as any citizen would and should.
The media is unfortunately aggressively pursuing and publishing details, some of which should be private and confidential, such as my cell phone number, in their attempt to create salacious and divisive “news.”

Ashley Judd, 45, told police that she suspected her older sister put a tracking device in her Mini Cooper in early November as part of an ongoing custody dispute for the car, the Tennessean reports. No charges have been filed in the incident and a lawyer representing Wynonna Judd didn’t comment.



Ashley Judd asking for privacy?  Get real.  This is a woman who had the time to hire a third publicist to spin her in a good light after her ex-husband had a car accident and she rushed to his side with "just the dogs and the clothes on my back" (and a matching 5-piece set of luggage).

For the past 20 years she has been living rent-free in a farmhouse her sister Wynonna loaned her in Tennessee.  Meanwhile Wynonna loaned Ashley's biological father $250K back in 1994 to buy a house and he never paid back a dime.  Did Ashley Judd cover her own father's debts?  Nope.  Wynonna had to sue him.  And he repaid her generosity by replying in official court documents that she was only suing him because her career was in the toilet and she needed the money (not true by the way).  Now Ashley has apparently decided, even though she's on record as saying it's "unconscionable to breed" and has no children of her own ... that she'd make a better mother than Wynonna so she has sued for custody of Wynonna's 17 year old daughter. 

If Ashley Judd knew that her sister had placed the tracking device on her car she could have had it removed and dealt with Wynonna privately.  Instead she filed a police report - and probably leaked the story herself.