Mike Huckabee Launching News Website

The 'Huckabee Post' will reportedly launch in January

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Mike Huckabee

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is starting a news publication set to launch in January.

ABC News reports that the “Huckabee Post” will run stories on a variety of topics, including politics, sports and pop culture. Huckabee, who recently announced he’s considering a run for president in 2016, quit the radio world after producing his audio broadcast on Dec. 12.

Huckabee’s son, David Huckabee, confirmed the “Huckabee Post” news to ABC. He called it a “natural extension and expansion” of Huckabee’s commentary on the Internet and via other media outlets. Huckabee also hosts a Fox News Channel show, “Huckabee,” which airs Saturday nights and offers the former politician a forum for political commentary.

The media blog Mediaite first reported on a Craigslist ad for Huckabee Post reporting positions in New York and D.C. last week. The ad refers to the website as a “new and exciting online news publication covering news on politics, US, international, media, sports, and other general news.”

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Hope he spends himself to death pushing his wing nut propaganda.  Hope heritage is not bank rolling it.  Actually go ahead and waste their money too.  It can only help the more progressive majority by waisting more of his resources on an doomed campaign run.  The people of this great country still remember everything hateful thing the Huckster has regurgitated from the Heritage puppet masters 


So will this be even MORE goofy and reactionary than Fox News?