Family Guy’s Brian Returns From The Dead

The Griffin family pet was killed in an episode three weeks ago

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Good news, Family Guy fans: Brian’s back!

Just a few weeks after the series killed off the Griffin family’s dog Brian in a car accident, the talking, martini-swilling pet has returned. While fans had come to suspect that Brian’s return to the show was likely, it wasn’t a certainty until Sunday night’s Christmas episode. And all it took was a Christmas wish and a time machine. Here’s how it happened:

Creator Seth McFarlane had some fun marking Brian’s return on Twitter:

He added: “I mean, you didn’t really think we’d kill off Brian, did you?”

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this was very obviously going to happen. it blows my mind that so many people were too stupid/short-sighted/impatient to realize this. seriously people, it's not a crime and it's not painful to try using your brain every now and then


I'm using my brain right now... and it's telling me that with your pompous attitude, you "obviously" spend most of your time by yourself.