Sold! Bruce Lee’s Yellow Jumpsuit Auctioned for $100K

His trademark nunchaku also went for $70K

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Vincent Yu / AP

Anna Lee, Vice Chairman of Spink holds Bruce Lee’s yellow jumpsuit from “Game of Death” during a auction preview in Hong Kong, Monday, Dec. 2, 2013.

An auction of Bruce Lee memorabilia in Hong Kong sold off more than $280,000 worth of kung fu cinematic history, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The showpiece was Bruce Lee’s yellow-and-black jumpsuit, which he wore in the 1972 classic “Game of Death.” The polyester shrunk a bit in a botched wash cycle and its zipper suffered a tear during a fight scene with Korean martial artist Ji Han Jae, but the wear and tear didn’t stop one anonymous Internet bidder from offering the highest bid of $100,000. His iconic nunchaku sold for another $70,000.

The sale took place 40 years after Bruce Lee’s death from a brain swelling at the age of 32.