Family Guy’s Brian May Be Resurrected Just In Time For Christmas

All Stewie wants is his dead dog back

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‘Tis the season to die and get reborn. Brian Griffin, the talking dog on Family Guy who got hit by a car in the Nov. 24 episode, may live to sip another martini.

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Close inspection of FOX’s episode description for the Dec. 15 episode, titled “Christmas Guy,” lists Brian as a character in that episode, Entertainment Weekly notes.The plot-line is described as, “Stewie devises a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas.”

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Why wait ’till Easter to have a resurrection?



Killing off Brian on Family Guy is a disaster, at least as measured by Twitter.  Twitter was torqued when Brian died, like 92% negative torqued.  Now the situation is getting worse as people are tweeting about the death of Paul Walker whose name in the film he was shooting was Brian and connecting his death with the death of the fictitious Brian on the show.  The Family Guy and Brian are now indexing at 95% negative in Twitter.

Resurrection?  If they are smart they will so do quickly.


this strikes me as a "no $hit, sherlock" moment. anyone with half a brain (which excludes an absurd number of family guy fans who got upset about this) saw this coming