Scarlett Johansson’s Faceless Performance Snubbed by Golden Globes

The actor has been declared ineligible for a best supporting actress nomination for her voice performance in Her

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Tiziana Fabi / AFP / Getty Images

US actress Scarlett Johansson arrives for the premiere of the film "Her'' during the 8th Rome International Film Festival on November 10, 2013, in Rome

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has declared Scarlett Johansson’s vocal performance in the movie Her ineligible for a best supporting actress nomination at the Golden Globes, Variety reports. In the futuristic film, Johansson plays an artificial intelligence program named “Samantha” with whom Joaquin Pheonix falls in love. Neither Pheonix nor the audience ever see Johansson’s physical form in the movie.

The association’s verdict was handed down today after Warner Bros., the distributor of Her, appealed the initial decision. Johnasson has already received praise from some critics prior to the movie’s Dec. 18 release date for her portrayal of a fully-rounded character through only her voice. She is still eligible in the best supporting actress category for both the SAG Awards and the Oscars.



The HFPA is citing a rule it doesn't actually have. You can read the organization's official criteria here:

As you can see, nothing specifies that an actress can't be nominated for a supporting role in an animated film. Lead performances must be given in a drama, musical or comedy but not supporting work. The Globes have given out awards for Best Animated Film since 2007. Animated film is a category the Foreign Press recognizes along with drama, musical and comedy. If its rules don't specify which of its categories a supporting performance must be given in, it follows the performance can be given in any of the recognized categories, right? So, if the rules allow for recognition of voicework in an animated film, why not voicework in a drama?

So the HFPA is disqualifying Johansson's extremely award-worthy performance on the basis of a rule it really doesn't even have, a mistake which should be corrected.