Alec Baldwin Axed By MSNBC

Two weeks after the former 30 Rock star was suspended for using an anti-gay slur

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Update: Baldwin told Gothamist that he disputes “half the comment” he made that originally got him in trouble.

MSNBC has canceled Alec Baldwin’s weekly talk show after the actor was suspended two weeks ago for using an anti-gay slur in a confrontation with the paparazzi.

In a statement, MSNBC said the decision was “a mutual parting and we wish Alec all the best.”

Up Late with Alec Baldwin aired just five episodes before being taken off the air, and viewership for its most recent two airings dropped sharpy, the Associated Press reports.

The 30 Rock star lost his temper during an encounter with a photographer in New York City and called the man an anti-gay slur, which he later denied knowing was offensive to gays.



Who cares?  No more freedom of speech in America. 


MSNBC's biggest mistake was really hiring Alec Baldwin to host a show where he DIDN'T indiscriminately  hurl racial epithets and homophobic slurs at people.


If the show was doing great, Baldwin would have made an apology and that would have been that.  

But the show wasn't doing great, so MSNBC appears to have effectively made it a we-cancelled-it-because-Baldwin-said-that to try to score a PR bump with the same-sex community.  And it appears to have worked.  

Baldwin got extra-mugged on this one, imho.   Getting cancelled is bad enough, but getting pilloried by a community (and media-members) in the process is a little over-board.    

Personally I could see a pilot emerge from all this, though:  Baldwin as a straight guy running a gay night-club -- Buyers Club-in-a-night-club-and-nobody-needs-medicine.  Probably find an audience on Netflix, Amazon, pay-cable


@aztecian You are the racist ass hole. When the mayor of New orleans at the time Ray Nagel made the statement after Katrina that new orleans would build back up and become Chocolate city again, a very racist comment, i did not hear a big up roar from the white community. But god forbid if a mayor from a majority white city said we will be vanilla city again, every race card ass hole from Al, Obama ,Oprah and OJ would open there big double standard racist mouths.