Justin Bieber and the President of Mexico are Tussling on Twitter

Mexico says: Don't belieb the Bieb

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Justin Bieber and the President of Mexico have differing accounts of recent events — and the drama is unfolding on the Twitter-verse.

On Monday, Bieber tweeted that he met Enrique Pena Nieto and his family during his Mexico tour, but the president’s office is saying that that simply isn’t true.

Nieto’s Monday night tweet translates to: “@Presidenciamx denies meeting between President @EPN with the singer @justinbieber.”

Bieber has yet to respond.


That's not really a tussle if there was no response from Justin... why is this even a story? Makes me wonder why I even bother reading here anymore... it's all waste and making stories out of nothing (but desperation).


Why is this even a story?