Netflix Saves The Killing

AMC canceled the show — twice — but Netflix is giving it one last year.

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The online television site Netflix will resurrect “The Killing” with a fourth and final limited season after AMC canceled the show amid flat ratings.

In a statement Friday, Netflix said it ordered a six-episode series finale of the crime drama, produced by Fox Television Studios and created by Veena Sud. Netflix already carries the three previous season online.

AMC canceled the crime drama last year only to change course and give it another shot. But season 3 ended with 1.5 million viewers, up only slightly from a year earlier, and AMC again decided to cancel.



I don't know where else to put a comment as I couldn't find a comment place on netflix.  But the subject is the same here.  Since I now know you pick up some shows sometimes and run with them, please, please pick up Warehouse 13 and let people know about it.  It tops everything I have ever seen on TV in originality and everything else.  If there is a better place to log this passion, please let me know.  There are more wonderful shows that I simply stumbled into by trying things and most are gone or nearly gone.  Would also love to get more episodes sooner than a year later.  Killing is good and I will now go back to it as well.  Thanks.

Georgia Olsen, non sleeper who watches Netflix almost all night and gets up rested.

Please put in a forum site for us dedicated watchers.  You seem to discourage people rating your movies and series.