X Factor Contestants Get A Re-Do After Voting Glitch

Added pressure was "tough for the contestants" says Simon Cowell

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After a voting glitch incorrectly displayed the number of votes each contestant had earned on Wednesday’s episode of X Factor, they were asked to come back and re-perform their songs. The remaining 13 contestants, who were all performing their “Save Me” song to the judges, each sang ballads for a second night in a row.

The show issued a press release on Nov. 6 about the mix-up, writing that as a result of a “graphics error (incorrect voting numbers were displayed on screen) during the performance recap at the end of tonight’s East Coast broadcast of The X Factor, the Top 13 acts will perform their ‘Save Me’ songs for America’s re-vote, in a live, one-hour performance show.”

Judge and show creator Simon Cowell tweeted about the error saying:

Contestant Rachel Potter did manage to dig deep and redeemed herself after a disappointing rendition of “Anyway” by Martina McBride on the first round. Her second chance performance allowed her to earn some praise from notoriously prickly Cowell, who told her, “the girl who sang yesterday was horrible and then the girl who sang tonight was fantastic.”  Contestant Ellona Santiago also managed to pull off her “best performance,” according to the judges, with her version of “Titanium.”

The recalculated votes will be announced on Nov. 13.