Gravity Rockets Past The Competition To Set A Box Office Record

The space flick is blowing by some pretty weighty milestones

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The space thriller Gravity has been like a force of nature in theaters since its Oct. 4 release. After weeks of reigning No. 1 at the box office,  the film is now the world’s biggest live-action October release of all time, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The movie has grossed $219.2 million in North America alone and another $207.5 million internationally, making it both the biggest live-action October release in North America and the biggest worldwide (the all-time top October release — live-action or otherwise — is Puss in Boots, which made $555 million at the global box office two years ago.)

What’s perhaps more astonishing is that Gravity, which was directed by Alfonso Cuarón and has already been particularly popular in France and Korea, hasn’t even been released yet in Britain (Nov. 8), China (Nov. 20) or Japan (Dec. 13). Gravity is on track to take in up to $600 million worldwide.

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