White Females at Highest Risk In Horror Films

Which comes as no surprise to fans of the genre

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That white females, usually young, are the victims of choice among the killers and monsters that stalk the innocent in horror movies should come as absolutely no surprise to fans of the genre. But now there’s quantified data, compiled in an  conducted by the Huffington Post.

By looking at a random sampling of 25 horror films — including the Scream movies,  I Know What You Did Last Summer, Jaws, Friday The 13th, and The Exorcist, but not Halloween (pictured) — we now know that in 52 percent of on-screen slayings, it’s a white female who dies first. That’s just over half the total body count.

After white female, expect a white male to meet an untimely end, at least 24 percent of the time. Black males (12 percent) and black females (8 percent) hung around a bit longer.

But remember. Just because “the black dude dies first” rule hasn’t proven true, it doesn’t mean the black guy still doesn’t die. Just as any good psychology professor will tell you, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you. Horror films included.


Aren't most female roles in Hollywood white anyway?? So what's up with the "white females" as if there's a bunch of non-white females running around in horror movies. lol what a joke!