James Taylor Flubs The National Anthem at World Series

But recovers very nicely

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Boston Red Sox pitcher Craig Breslow didn’t make the biggest error in last night’s Game 2 of the World Series. While Breslow’s two-for-one error in the seventh inning may have cost the Sox the lead in the Series, singer James Taylor accidentally sang the wrong song. And not just any song…

Taylor, a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, took the field at Boston’s Fenway Park during the pregame ceremony to perform the national anthem. But when he stepped to the microphone, he sang a different—though patriotic— song entirely.

The “Sweet Baby James” singer began singing the words to “America the Beautiful” before realizing his mistake and quickly switching over to the “Star-Spangled Banner.” A seasoned pro, Taylor immediately recognized his mistake  and made the transition effortlessly — many fans may not have noticed the slip up (or if they did may have chalked it up to creative license).

Taylor’s mistake is easily explained, though, as there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for the gaffe: The 65-year-old singer was scheduled to play “America the Beautiful” during the seventh inning of the game . When he returned to the field during the seventh inning stretch, alongside survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing, Taylor led the crowd through a beautiful and tearjerking rendition of “America the Beautiful.”

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