Silk Road: The Movie?

Fox has won the rights to the story — based on an upcoming magazine story

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Ulf Andersen / Getty Images

Author Dennis Lehane

The online hub for illegal goods—like drugs, sexual services and contracted killings—and its creator are getting their own movie treatment. 20th Century Fox and Cherin Entertainment have asked best-selling author Dennis Lehane (who wrote Mystic RiverGone Baby Gone and Shutter Island) to write a script for Silk Road, Deadline Hollywood reports.

The movie will be based on a yet-to-be-published article written by Joshua Davis for Wired magazine. The article will concentrate on a young kid who was arrested for putting out a hit on the clients of Silk Road.

After the recent spate of news stories that put the online black market in the spotlight, studios immediately wrangled for the rights to the story. The Silk Road story is still developing, so presumably the script will develop with it.

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