Here’s Why The Jonas Brothers Just Cancelled Their Tour

Teenage girls across the nation are weeping

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Adam Bettcher / 2012 Getty Images

Joe Jonas and the Jonas Brothers perform during the We Day Minnesota event at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota on October 8, 2013

Creative differences.” The boy band’s 19-date fall tour was set to start Friday in Pennsylvania, but People broke word of an internal rift between brothers Nick, Joe and Kevin that has led the group to cancel. They also have a new album, V, scheduled for release this year, which People says is now up in the air too.

Everyone who bought tickets to the cancelled shows will get a full refund.



Goes to show you what amateurs they are. To disappoint  there young fans like that. Grow up boys.... these people made who u are. Not cool.


Look, I do not want to be a jerk, but fifteen years grow up and stop listening  to songs about innocence and begin to listening to songs about love and the factors of sex, the fact is "life is life" do you have the courage to say what we are all thinking. The rolling stones did, and they transitioned music and rock and roll onto a new platform, Jonas Bros, can you do it? if you can welcome into the history books, if you can't welcome into yesterday's USA Today. Good luck! I  honestly wish my fellow man the bravery to confront that is which scares the average man,(Including Me).