Is “Felina” the Secret to the Breaking Bad Finale?

The Internet goes crazy trying to find clues that might reveal details about this weekend's big TV event

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Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Breaking Bad ends its dramatic run this Sunday and the Internet is overflowing with theories as to how the show’s creator Vince Gilligan will end the series. Will Jesse kills Walter White? Will the neo-Nazis kidnap Skyler, forcing Walt’s hand? Will people remember Walt’s name?

While some of the theories floating around are hilariously unlikely (Jesse saves the day with magnets!) over at Previously.TV, a site known for crafting some of the best crackpot theories around, someone has stumbled onto what may be an actual clue. According to the writer, the finale’s title “Felina” is not an anagram or a reference to a feline-like character, but an homage to a Marty Robbins song called “El Paso.”

According to the site, “the song ‘El Paso’ is about love, revenge, consequences, and redemption,” which, admittedly, sounds like a familiar story arc to anyone who has watched Breaking Bad. It turns out “El Paso” features a character named Felina. In the song, a cowboy spends his nights in a bar called Rosa’s Cantina, watching his love, Felina, dance. The cowboy kills a man who hits on Felina, forcing the cowboy to flee town (perhaps to New Hampshire?) out of fear for his life. While he’s away, the cowboy desires to return to the town and to his love, Felina. Per Previously.TV:

Felina is a metaphor for Walt’s double life. As Heisenberg, Walt becomes obsessed with the power and money that a being a drug kingpin brings. This power is his Felina, his weakness. But its backbone is the obsessive (destructive) love he also has for his family.

The author goes on to make a compelling case, laying out her case stanza by stanza, that the secrets to Vince Gilligan’s finale lie within the song. Including the fact that “that Walt is on a mission when he decides to flee the coming police at the end of “Granite State,” and that mission involves Gray Matter.” It’s interesting to note that in the song, when the cowboy returns to town, he is gunned down and dies in Felina’s arms. So who will be the instrument of Walt’s demise? The author has a theory.

While the argument is persuasive, it’s not the only possible outcome. The Net is filled with predictions about how Gilligan will wrap up the drama that has had America on the edge of its seat every Sunday night. The only hint he’s given so far is “woodworking,” which he mentioned on an episode of Talking Bad, AMC’s post-BB wrap show. Some theories breakdown “Felina” to it’s chemical elements (“Felina” = FeLiNa = Iron, Lithium, Sodium = Blood, Meth, Tears) or that perhaps “Felina” alludes to Schrödinger’s Cat. A personal favorite theory is that when Breaking Bad ends, Walter White will enter witness protection, changes his name to Hal, marry a nice woman named Lois and kick off the events that lead to the show known as Malcolm in the Middle.

The only way to know is to tune in to the finale, which airs on Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.

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I loved this show and I bought into most of the outlandish and improbable stunts WW and Jesse pull off but I had to draw the line on the finale. The neo-Nazis would have more closely checked over Walt's Cadillac. That said, you don't throw the baby out with the dirty bath water.

I blogged about this episode and every other one on my "Join The spiritual evolution: Live beyond your ego" on Word And I compiled them all into an eBook: "The 'Bad' Path to Enlightenment" at


This is TOO MUCH LIKE WORK... I just like to watch the show!


"Felina" is also an anagram of "Finale"


It seems that some people have forgotten the "flash forward" scene that was shown 2 or 3 episodes ago... we see Walt returning to his house, and his neighbor is freaked out as if she'd seen a ghost. He appears to have retrieved the Ricin cigarette he hid behind the electrical outlet. So I think he's going to kill someone, perhaps himself, with the Ricin. I don't think he'd kill himself just because he's hiding out from the cops. He'd do it to save himself the agony of dying of cancer.


What If Walt Jr take Out His Father, Skyler takes out Walt jr Jesse is the only survivor to raise the baby and they fall in love and get married. hahahahah


todds people could just kill em all, walt comes back to kill them, venge their death then dies alone. like in the desert where jesse and him first met. he'll be all alone, no redemtion. everyone will be dead, and he will sit in the desert in the calmest scene in the episode, and it will end... maybe...


i read everything in this artical. i have to adimit, some of it i didnt even notice, like the cow. a lot of it i did tho. the bear and the link to Gus and Holly i do not agree with. I read a article where Vince said alot of times when they do scense like that they dont always know where they are going, and he was talking exactly about the beginning when the bear first appeared. they didnt know how they were going to get there, so how could they use that for forshadowing, unless it was a "happy" accident. Otherwise, you made some great points.

ive been wondering about jesse, if he will die or not. then i never forgot about the spider that was caught by todd. and how it crawled in the first part of that episode. we saw it more than once. i am startiing to think you are right.

I do not think those guys are going to kill skyler... one of a few things i believe will happen but all ends same. either they are going to head over to kill her and she already comited suicide, or she just commites suicide. then walt either way, finds out and blames todds people.

for marie, shes the hardest to figure out. will she die, and how? by who> or will she be the one to commite suicide, tho i stick with skyler personally on my theory on that.

we all know walt makes made choices when he is frustrated, not as caculated, wrong moves and thats whats all going on now, all down hill and as easily as it is to point out, he colors of the clothing he wears when hes walter white (more vonerable) then there are darker drab colors, which is heisenburg. hes now dressed as walter white. its all down hill now we all know that.

finally, again with jesse, you mention 5X1 in the beginning where he is dressed like jesse and also does the thing that skyler does with the bacon... so, to me, yes, i agree, they both die. Lindia hasnt been on, but not forgotten. i think she is going to have a roll in this final episode that is more important than she has been in the past. but i could be wrong. Cheers on all you wrote!

take care all.

Breaking Bad finale!!! cant hardly wait, but is sad to see a show like this go, i am soooo very glad they are doing this on a good note. not dragging it on, like the end of dexter. i loved that show... up till season 8 (final season)... then it was all not adding up right to me... there were a lot of possibilites with new characters, but in the end, no one had nothing to do with anything really... and it ended so... ARGGGGGG!!!! we know as breaking bad fans, this show has never disappointed. so we'll get a good ending!


Could the "woodworking" be a reference to Jesse, i.e. when he spoke about making a wooden box in school and the teacher asks him, "Is that the best you can do". So there you have Jesse kill them all with a well-sanded and varnished box.  


Skylar White - the unpublished author of season 1 - lives to write a bestseller: 'Breaking Bad'


Ridiculous. One outcome is certain- these internetters don't have much of a life, and very poor critical thinking skills.  They will still assume, insinuate and imply even if fact put its foot straight in their ass. 

Markmas98's simply Felina=Finale. Simple.

Seriously , the intranet is a place for insane people.


And so Walt will protect his family one last time with what will come to be his biggest power play of the series.  Gretchen & Elliot have no heirs, so after Walt uses the ricin to kill them off Skyler & Walt jr. will have no choice but to accept their fortune on behalf the late HEISENBERG, whose true contribution to grey matters will be unearthed & justified in a court of law.   oh yeah...Jessie lives and gets paid to.  Even though he kills Walt.


The finale is Fe Li Na. Think back to that lovely scene with Gretchen and Walt in the lab. They will come back to this, because it's about the soul. Fe is iron, Na is sodium and Li is the missing bit (which occurs in all mammals). Here's the scene, found online:

Walter White: Let's break it down. Hydrogen. What does that give us?
Gretchen Schwartz: We're looking at 63%.
Walter White: Sixty-three, that is a big bite. My next step's gotta be oxygen.
Gretchen Schwartz: Oxygen, 26%.
Walter White: Twenty-six. There you have your water.
Gretchen Schwartz: Carbon, 9%.
Walter White: Carbon, 9.
Gretchen Schwartz: For a total of 98%.
Walter White: Right.
Gretchen Schwartz: Nitrogen, 1.25%.
Walter White: One-point-two-five.
Gretchen Schwartz: That brings you to 99 and a quarter. Which only leaves you with the trace elements down where the magic happens.
Walter White: Oh, wait a minute. What about calcium? Calcium's not a trace. Got a whole skeleton to account for.
Gretchen Schwartz: You would think, right? Calcium's only 0.25%.
Walter White: What? That low? Seriously? Damn, I never would've thought that. Okay, so where does iron fit in.
Gretchen Schwartz: Iron. 0.00004%   (FE)
Walter White: What? You can't have hemoglobin without iron.
Gretchen Schwartz: Apparently, it don't take take much. No doubt. Go figure.
Walter White: Sodium.  (NA)
Gretchen Schwartz: Sodium, 0.04%. Phosphorus, 0.19%.
Walter White: Point-one-nine. There we go. So the whole thing adds up to... 99.888042%. We are 0.111958%. Shy.
Gretchen Schwartz: Supposedly that's everything.
Walter White: Yeah? I don't know, it just... it seems like something's missing, doesn't it? There's got to be more to a human being than that.
Gretchen Schwartz: What about the soul?
Walter White: The soul? There's nothing but chemistry here.

And here's Wikipedia:

Trace amounts of lithium are present in all organisms. The element serves no apparent vital biological function, since animals and plants survive in good health without it. Non-vital functions have not been ruled out. - Wikipedia


Not a single comment yet.  So much for "the Internet is going crazy"...

I swear, if I read one more lame story about "Breaking Bad", I'm going to break something myself.  It's a damned TV show.  Get over it.