Emmys 2013: Hey Breaking Bad Watchers – Bryan Cranston Didn’t Win His Category

Our latest Emmy update, for people who might be watching something else

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True Breaking Bad fans aren’t watching the Emmy awards show right now, and they’re probably not reading anything online either, as they’re too busy watching tonight’s extra-long episode of Breaking Bad.

So here’s an update, for when they come out of their Walter White-induced fugue state: Bryan Cranston was nominated for an Emmy for lead actor in a drama series, but he lost out to Jeff Daniels for The Newsroom. (The other nominees were Jon Hamm for Mad Men, Hugh Bonneville for Downton Abbey, Damian Lewis for Homeland and Kevin Spacey for House of Cards.)

Two Breaking Bad writers also lost in the drama series writing category, having been nominated for the episodes “Dead Freight” and “Say My Name.” Henry Bromell, a Homeland writer who died earlier this year, won the award (which was accepted tearily by his widow). A Breaking Bad director, Michelle MacLaren, nominated for the episode “Gliding Over All,” lost to David Fincher (House of Cards) in the drama directing category.

But that doesn’t mean it’s been a bad night for the show. Anna Gunn already took home the trophy for supporting actress in a drama for her role on the show, a big “so there!” to the legions of online commenters who absolutely hate her character, often for questionable reasons. And there are plenty of other chances for the show to win awards. It’s nominated for best drama series and best supporting actor in a drama series (Jonathan Banks and Aaron Paul both).

Okay, you can go back to your other show now.

UPDATE: And what do you know? At the end of the evening, Breaking Bad came out ahead, winning best drama series.

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