Jaden Smith Recommends Dropping Out of School

Smith stirs controversy by tweeting to millions of young, impressionable fans that school is a brainwashing tool.

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Paul A. Hebert / Getty Images

An online controversy has erupted around Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s son, Jaden Smith. Jaden sent a series of tweets criticizing traditional education to his more than 4.5 million followers on September 12 and 13:

Some have responded by arguing that the 15-year-old Karate Kid star is setting a bad example for young kids who look up to him as Hollywood royalty. (Jaden is friends with Justin Bieber and dating a sister of the Kardashians.) One person tweeted, “This is why we don’t let celebrity children make decisions on the education system.”

Before being homeschooled with his sister Willow, Jaden attended the New Village Leadership Academy, a private school founded five years ago by his parents. The school used a teaching method created by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard called “study-tech.” The school closed in June due to lack of funding.

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Considering he's had ZERO experience in a "real" school, and was put in a school founded by SCIENTOLOGY (For crying out loud, talk about a delusional fantasy myth!), I'd say that it's a damn good thing he's the offspring of a celebrity.  Because he'll never be able to hold a job in the real world and earn a living by his own efforts and knowledge without that family connection.

On the bright side, given the "unevenness" of his education, I'm sure the world will be tweeted with more entertaining nonsense as time goes on.


@DougCheriBledsoe No its one spoiled kid he was born into money, he does not need to get an education, to learn how to be a brat, or use drugs, he has plenty of time to live off his parents coat tails.



You are the least progressively-thinking commentator I have ever seen in my life. WHO ARE YOU to be judging a teenage kid like that? Goodness, I hate people like you who exhibit such bias and are much too quick to judge. I'm 17 and I feel as though I am much more mature than you. This makes me wonder if YOU went to school! Even more ironically, perhaps, is that Jaden Smith will probably contribute more to society than you ever could.

With no further ado, buddy, here are my words of wisdom to you: :




@mdog966 @Openminded1  Son you have a lot to learn about life and people. I wish you luck you sound intelligent, but very naive, Young Mr. Smith will end up what he is a spoiled brat and in trouble by the time he is 23. Do not use him as a role model.