The Week in Entertainment: Dave Matthews, Tom Cruise, and The Simpsons

A young couple picks up a hitchhiker — and gets the surprise of their lives

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A name change for Tom Cruise’s upcoming movie and a surprising revelation about a famous TV-show couple top the entertainment news you might have missed this week.

Dave Matthews

Matthew J. Lee / Boston Globe via Getty Images

Dave Matthews Fans Pick Up a Hitchhiker

On their way to a DMB show in Hershey, Penn., Emily Kraus and boyfriend Joe noticed a biker standing on the side of the road. They turned around to offer assistance to the cyclist, who, as you probably guessed, was the singer himself. (He had gone out for a quick ride and blew a tire.) They drove him to the show — and were later invited backstage and given front-row seats. Best part of the story? The starstruck fans “didn’t know how to make conversation with him”.

Tom Cruise

ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

Upcoming Tom Cruise Movie Gets a New Title

The sci-fi-actioner — which also stars Emily Blunt — had been called All You Need is Kill (the title of the graphic novel on which the film is based). The new title? A more generic and audience-friendly Edge of Tomorrow. The film is scheduled for a June 2014 release.

Sharknado - 2013


Yup, There’s Gonna Be a Sharknado 2

The sequel will take place in New York City — of course — and will air next year. Syfy has a Twitter contest to write the TV movie’s subtitle. Tweet @SyfyMovies using the hashtag #Sharknado to submit suggestions.



The Simpsons to Meet Family Guy in Crossover Episode

The families from two of Fox’s long-running animated series will finally meet in an episode that has the Griffins driving through the Simpsons’ hometown of Springfield (the exact location of which has never been revealed). The Family Guy episode will air in 2014.

X-Files at Comic-Con

Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images

Did Fox Mulder and Dana Scully Have a Love Child?

According to Gillian Anderson: Yes. Joining X-Files costar David Duchovny (who played Agent Mulder) for a special 20th-anniversary panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con, the actress suggested that the investigative couple — who shared an undeniable chemistry — had made a baby. While Anderson ruled out the possibility of another X-Files TV series, she said she was open to doing another movie.

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