Watch: The Trailer for a Real-Life Space Odyssey

A new movie offers some spectacular footage captured by NASA's Cassini space probe

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The video above shows some of the most amazing space sequences yet committed to film. The funny thing about it is, it’s not sci-fi. It’s all real. Shot entirely “on location” around the planet Saturn, the film is a stunning experience of what’s really out there.

NASA’s Cassini space probe made a close approach to Saturn in 2004 to become one of the most scientifically significant probes to date.  And by happy accident, Cassini also turned out to be a fantastic landscape (or spacescape?) photographer.

Now, filmmaker Stephen Van Vuuren has stitched together nearly a million of Cassini’s gorgeous images to create an animated IMAX film as spectacular as any big-budget summer blockbuster.  

Take a look at the first official trailer of In Saturn’s Rings to see how great science can become great art.


This is incredibly breathtaking and inspiring. Where are we going to go next? Come join SpaceUnited and help us decide!

Adam Brinckerhoff

Development Engineer