Tuned In

Programming Note

I'll be traveling outside the international boundaries of Tuned Inland for a couple weeks.

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I’m going on vacation, and will be outside the territorial boundaries of Tuned Inland for a couple of weeks. I’m going to be visiting relatives in France; I may or may not have Web access, but in any case I think the Internet is in metric over there, and I don’t have any of the right-size tools. Wireless access permitting, you may still find me active on Le Twitter, and since Robo-James is not wired to run on European currents, I’ll have him robo-post a couple of pieces for me early this week and next.

See you in a couple weeks. And in the meantime, enjoy the above clip from Des Chiffres Et Des Lettres, which taught me, the first time I visited France as a kid, that you can learn a fair amount about a foreign language by watching the country’s game shows. Au revoir!