Best and Worst Moments of the 2013 Tony Awards

A critic's pick of the highlights and lowlights from Sunday night's star-studded celebration of theater

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Cicely Tyson was a bit of a bore - what does being the only survivor of her family & her asking why this is have to do w/ anything? We don't know because she didn't say. Burying the Once number in a commercial was a travesty. Having Phantom play was completely boring to theatre people, but they're obviously kissing Mr. Prince's bottom. (For obvious reasons.) I certainly didn't mind the other shows' introductions, but the actress who plays Velma Kelly has no idea what the role is, so she clearly needs notes. (Where is her SM?) But, alas, we were bound to disagree on much when you are someone who thinks Rosie O'Donnell was a good host & I think she was a bore, a boor AND a travesty.