Exclusive Track Premiere: Bon Iver Trombonist’s Band Honors Charles Mingus

Listen here to the premiere of the No BS Brass Band's recording of "Haitian Fight Song"

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PJ Sykes

For music fans who aren’t brass-band aficionados, Reggie Pace may be best known for his work with the band Bon Iver. The trombonist has played with the beloved indie band for a while—but that’s not his only gig.

He’s also a co-founder of the Richmond, Va., based 12-piece outfit known as the No BS! Brass Band, a brass-and-drums jazz band. What does it mean to be “no BS”? Pace says they’re all horns and drums, with no filler or studio tricks.

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The band has two albums dropping in the coming months, the second of which is a tribute to legendary jazz man Charles Mingus. On Fight Song: Tribute to Charles Mingus (July 5) the No BS! Brass Band interprets eight Mingus classics—including “Haitian Fight Song,” which premieres today here on TIME.com.

Pace says the song, based on a traditional Haitian folk melody, is one of his favorite Mingus tunes. “It’s like a sound portrait of the story of the Haitian immigrants and slaves,” he says. “I had the idea of taking that song and bringing it to a modern place, using grooves that in music right now. The situation in Haiti is still pretty horrible so it’s still relevant.”


The No BS Brass Band is an incredibly talented group of great guys that deserve all the success in the world. Fact.----Frock