Buckwild Update: MTV Cancels Show; Producer Speaks Out

After the death of one of its stars, the MTV hit will not return—but the producer may seek to continue the series

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Fans of MTV’s hit reality show Buckwild—still reeling from the death of star Shain Gandee earlier this month—learned this morning that the show would not return for its planned second season. An anonymous source told The Hollywood Reporter that the network came to that decision after suspending production after Gandee’s accident, reportedly due to a desire to “avoid any potential controversy”—and as acknowledgement that Gandee was the most popular cast member among the West Virginia youths the show followed. E! confirmed the news late last night.

His body and those of two other companion were found in a vehicle on April 1. Although there were some initial questions surrounding their deaths, it was later determined all had succumbed to carbon-monoxide poisoning resulting from a mud-blocked tailpipe.

(MOREShain Gandee of MTV’s Buckwild Dead at 21)

Buckwild had been a breakout hit for MTV, with the first season pulling in an average of 3 million viewers for each of its 12 episodes. According to the network, it was Thursday’s top-rated original cable series for viewers 12-34. The finale of that season aired on Feb. 7 and work had already begun on the second.

But this may not be the end of Buckwild: in a follow-up with The Hollywood Reporter, the show’s producer J.P. Williams expressed anger over the decision, stating that the tragedy was insufficient grounds cancel a show, especially since the network airs shows about such controversial and serious topics as teen pregnancy. He added that he may continue to film the Buckwild cast, with a view to a potential film.

UPDATE (12:00 PM): The network told MTV News that they are “working on a meaningful way to pay tribute to [Gandee’s] memory on our air” and that the tribute will air on Sunday, Apr. 14, along with the pre-planned special Buckwild: WV to the NYC, which had been already been filmed. The tribute to Gandee, made with the support of his parents, will also follow a Buckwild marathon in his honor.


Unplugging this is going to save lives. They risked the lives of their own and anyone else should they have encountered them by their stupidity and alcohol brain damage antics. 3 died, only 1 cast member. It could have been alot more. 


While the loss of this young man is certainly sad, it is not suprising.  I tuned in for two episodes of this show, and the cast was repeatedly shown off-roading and mudding with alcohol in the car.  Frankly, I was suprised that MTV aired footage of drinking and driving, even if they were driving on backroads and sparsely populated areas.  Reports are that this young man left a bar at 3AM to go off roading.  It is very sad that this happened and I feel for his family/friends/and fans, but this could have been prevented.


I don't feel that this could have been prevented, it was a freak accident.  I love the show, and am very disappointed that it's not going to continue.  If u don't like what you see on the show, turn the channel.