Have a Question About Online Etiquette?

Your queries answered by the man who (literally) wrote the book on manners in a digital world

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If you’re reading this, you’re connected to the Internet. Which makes it likely that you’ve been offended by—or have offended someone else with—poor online manners. (It’s also likely that many might finds such “offensive” behavior to be perfectly normal.)

There are many resources for resolving matters of etiquette—the New York Times recently highlighted the etiquette gurus of YouTube—but there’s still one name that, to many, remains the ultimate authority: Emily Post. And, on April 16, her great-great-grandson, Daniel Post Senning, is stepping up to the plate with a new book called Manners in a Digital World: Living Well Online.

As with past Post tomes, the book takes readers through the rules of well-heeled behavior—but this volume, written by the webmaster of emilypost.com, focuses on the realms of our digital world: social networking, blogging and online communication.

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We’ll be talking to Senning about his book next week—and have been offered a chance to pose a few etiquette-related questions of our own. And we’re letting you in on the discussion.

What obscure rule of internet behavior do you not fully comprehend? What do you do correctly online, that nobody else seems to understand?

Ask in the comments, via Twitter or on Facebook, before Monday Apr. 8, and we’ll try to get your question answered.