Lena Dunham Developing a New Comedy Series for HBO

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Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

Lena Dunham wins the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy Series on Jan. 13, 2013

Sure, Lena Dunham is busy working on the third season of Girls (and writing a multimillion-dollar book), but apparently she still has a bit of free time left over. Enough to begin developing yet another project: a brand new comedy series for HBO. The 26-year-old creator, star and sometimes director of HBO’s wildly popular (and divisive) Girls, currently in its second season, has teamed with one of the show’s executive producers, Jenni Konner, to begin work on the new program, Deadline Hollywood reports.

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Dunham’s next series will take place in New York City, like Girls, and will be based on the life of high-profile personal shopper Betty Halbreich. The 85-year-old has run a personal shopping service out of Bergdorf Goodman since 1976, dressing everyone from Joan Rivers and Meryl Streep to Sarah Jessica Parker and Katie Couric along the way. HBO has officially optioned Halbreich’s upcoming memoir, All Dressed Up and Everywhere to Go.

Based on Girls’ long list of accolades — including, most recently, a Golden Globe for Best TV Series, Comedy or Musical — it’s not surprising that HBO has placed Dunham and Konner at the helm of its newest venture. It seems like an unlikely project for the team — we’re guessing we’re not going to see frequent depictions of casual sex and drug use — but if anyone can bring an engaging take on the world of high-end retail, it’s these two.

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I'm sorry, but Lena Dunham is the equivalent of last year's Jeremy Lin.  He was an Asian NBA player, who stormed the scene last year, and deservedly received numerous accolades for 1) being an Asian in a Black-dominated sport and 2) being a good Asian player in a Black-dominated sport.  He was hailed as the next, great NBA player.  

Yet, like many premature media predictions, Lin proved to be a, 'flash in the pan.'  The quality of his skills (at the NBA level) are mediocre at best, and rarely merit a closer look.  

Like Lin, Dunham is this year's 'flash' in Hollywood.  She rose to prominence by making a commercial for the Obama campaign during the Election, which immediately earned her praise as a minor celebrity.  In addition to Sandra Fluke, Dunham joined the ranks of younger 'celebrities' who campaigned for Obama.  

With the Election over, Hollywood is now repaying Dunham by acknowledging her TV show with a Golden Globe.  Luckily enough for her, HBO has decided to 'ride the Dunham wave' for as long as it lasts, by offering to air her upcoming show.  

After having followed the Entertainment Industry for years, I can predict with certainty that Dunham's "star" will fade and/or be eclipsed by the end of 2013-2014. While her roles seem like an extension of her non-fiction life, she offers nothing new and noteworthy in her acting.  Her characters could be summarized as, "awkward, unsure, narcissistic, and uncomfortable with their body."  In other words, she personifies an adult who acts like a teenager going through puberty.

Unless she can seriously change up her acting on HBO, Dunham will be added to the list of Latest Hollywood 'Has-Beens' in no time at all.