‘Entourage’ to Hug It Out in Movie Theaters Soon

The HBO show is one step closer to its much-awaited big-screen incarnation

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Looks like Vincent Chase is going to make it in Hollywood once and for all: Entourage, the HBO show-biz series that concluded its run in 2011, is going to be a movie. According to Deadline, Warner Bros. gave the O.K. to the project yesterday, Jan. 29, and it will be written and directed by Doug Ellin, who was one of the show’s executive producers. Filming has not yet been scheduled and negotiations with the cast are reportedly ongoing.

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The news comes after more than a year of speculation. When the finale aired in Sept. of 2011, it was barely a week before executive producer—and plot inspiration—Mark Wahlberg announced that rumors of a movie were true, telling People that “it better happen” and that the show’s conclusion left the characters in a good spot for a follow-up on film. (He had even been willing to discuss the possibility of a movie while the show was still on the air, telling MTV in 2010 that he was more focused on making an Entourage movie than he was on movies of his own.)

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The script picks up six months after the events in the show’s finale, says Deadline, and Mark Wahlberg has hinted that it may take place abroad rather than in the show’s familiar California home base. But wherever in the world the characters end up, the main questions we were left with—and that the movie may answer—are about the entourage itself: did E and Sloan work it out? How’s Vince’s marriage? And whatever happened to Ari and his job offer?