30 Rock Getting the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Treatment

The details of the flavor will be announced at a finale viewing party

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Ali Goldstein/NBC

Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan, Jane Krakowski as Jenna Maroney

It’s just what Dr. Spaceman ordered: not canned peas, much as Tracy and Jenna do them credit, but a little something sweet to ease the sadness of the impending Jan. 31 end of 30 Rock.

Ben & Jerry’s announced this week that a new 30 Rock-themed “celebrity flavor” would be unveiled on the day of the show’s finale. The details of the flavor aren’t available yet, but the big announcement will come at a finale viewing party (slash costume contest, slash benefit event) hosted by the ice cream company right near the show’s home base at Rockefeller Center.

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The ads touting the new flavor are high on the secrecy, but hint that the ice cream will go well with 30 Rock reruns, “without putting the ‘sin’ in ‘syndication.’” (Perhaps it might be some sort of non-fat yogurt, rather than full-on ice cream?) E! Online reports that THE Jerry will be at the Thursday night event and that the flavor will be available in stores and scoop shops shortly after.

In the mean time—what do you think the new flavor will be?

UPDATED FEB. 1: No more guessing. Ben & Jerry’s has announced that the flavor will be Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt.