Bold Flavors: Comments of the Week, Nov. 10 – 16

In our semi-regular roundup of the comments section, it's the good, the bad, and the genius

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Some of our commenters are very wise:

KathyIsaacs on Lev Grossman’s defense of physically abusing books:

I have discovered the joys of a kindle in a clear ziplock bag. Bathe, shower, read in the rain as you walk home from the tram stop – doesn’t matter, as long as the bag is closed properly, your reading matter is safe. I understand the love of the feel of paper and the sound of pages turning, but I still love my e-reader.

Rotkang Job on James Poniewozik’s take on this week’s sex scandals and what may or may not be our business:

How are the mighty fallen? Largely, through sex.

Some of our commenters are exasperated:

JohnCleary on Olivia Waxman’s post about the LEGO movie:

Anyone who has purchased Lego previously can understand how they can afford to produce a movie with such an All Star cast–b/c it’s ridiculously expensive!

vrcplou on Melissa Locker’s Dancing With the Stars recap:

The “All Star” season of DWTS is starting to feel as long as the election cycle. And yet, I keep watching. Why? WHY?

And one is a genius: the best comment of the week was the one in which JohnnyBirchcrof single-handedly made moot every other argument in on James Poniewozik’s analysis of the response to a scorching review of a Guy Fieri restaurant:

Definitely bold flavors and top-shelf margs, though, you guys.