Zing! Comments of the Week: Oct. 27–Nov. 5

This week our semi-regular rundown of the comments section is full of zingers and one-liners

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Our commenters seem to have emerged from Hurricane Sandy no worse for wear—and, dare we say it, with senses of humor perhaps slightly improved. For example:

Lucelucy on James Poniewozik’s take on post-Sandy television:

A little dry humor.  Heh, heh, James.  ♫

ruraynor on Lily Rothman’s post about a survey revealing that the people of England get down to some strange songs:

As a citizen of the United Kingdom, I can tell you that some people do have very weird taste in bedroom music. A bloke I was with once leaned over to his ipod and threw on some discordant jazz- you know the kind that’s all ‘blerk boop urk joink’ and sounds like a saxophonist having a seizure? It is really hard to get it on when you’re in fits of giggles.

buzzerj on James Poniewozik’s piece about the face-off between by-the-guts pundits and election-data statisticians:

I give Nate Silver a 68.43% chance of being correct.

jbojet adding to Graeme McMillan’s predictions of what to expect from a Star Wars by Disney:

Music by John Williams