That Settles It: Yoko Ono Did Not Break Up the Beatles

Paul McCartney says don't blame John Lennon's widow for the end of the legendary band

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Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

A recent interview by veteran British journalist David Frost with Paul McCartney is causing a stir — or, rather, resolving one. For a November episode of Frost’s television program, Frost over the World, which airs on al-Jazeera English and features hour-long interviews of the sort for which Frost is perhaps best known, he spoke to McCartney about a theory that has kept Beatles fans in hot debate since 1970.

So did Yoko Ono break up the Beatles? No, she did not.

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The Japanese artist and musician, who married John Lennon shortly before the Beatles disbanded, has long been blamed for pulling the group apart. But, according to a preview of the Frost interview that appeared in the Guardian, McCartney dispels that notion. “[Ono] certainly didn’t break the group up, the group was breaking up,” he is quoted as saying. While he does admit that her presence at the studio for Beatles recording sessions was “difficult,” he says that Lennon was leaving the group anyway and gives Ono credit for leading Lennon to a new way of looking at the world, a perspective that led him to write iconic songs like “Imagine.”

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That's not what history, the people who were there, and basic psychodynamics ( "It's me or them, John", consciously and/or unconsciously) says, so this is just pc revisionism on paul's attempt to not begrudge old personal wars. Regardless, it happened, john was an adult and went along with being manipulated by yoko's hyper-narcissistic egoism, domineering control and petty divisiveness, and john would NOT have wanted us to keep blaming her for her egomaniac pretensions and insecurities...let it be.

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T he beatles may have started it all in 64 but they wasnt the best group to come from britain I believe at one time on AMERICAN BANDSTAND they had 3 hits in the top 10[remember?] But the animals were rated the better group dave clark 5 was 3rd and the searchers 4th.But in my opinion the animals was the better group.rolling stones if I remember was 8th.but everyone had their favorite.


I was at the Beatles Shea Stadium concert and also saw them individually after they broke up. The sound system at Shea Stadium was so bad you could hardly hear them sing with all the screaming fans. When I saw John and Yoko Ono years later at a benefit concert at Madison Square Garden, John only sang one Beatle song, "Come Together". I remember John saying, "Ok...were going to go back just once".