Netflix, Crying Dads and Presidential Debates: Comments of the Week: Oct. 20 – 26

The new commenting system just makes us more excited for our semi-regular rundown of discussion on the site

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First of all, thanks everyone for making the jump to LiveFyre for our new commenting system. If you’re confused about how it works, check out an explanation here.

But it seems like you’ve all got it down by now. We’re glad to see new commenters getting involved in discussions and, of course, elated to see the usual crowd has made it over.

As TheHoobie put it so eloquently on James Poniewozik’s analysis of the latest Presidential debate:

Other comments of note:

  • We learned from atomickommiecomics, responding to the news from Graeme McMillan that there might be more Twilight coming, but with different actors, of one occasion when that actually worked, with George Saunders’ character The Falcon replaced by a character meant to be the original’s bother.
  • We learned from danfan31, commenting on James Poniewozik’s review of Parenthood, that he’s not “the only dad that cried almost every week during this show.”
  • And regardless of everyone else’s feelings on Netflix and streaming original content, Lucelucy has perhaps the best argument ever in favor of the service: “Live long and prosper, Netflix. I’m too damn old to keep changing up to the newest thing every three weeks.”