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Homeland Watch: Hotel Check-Out

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Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison and Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn in Homeland (Season 2, episode 4)

Well. I was not expecting that!

Once again, I have to give Homeland season 2 credit—it’s not skimping on the forward motion. It’s played cards that I didn’t expect it to play until later in the season or the series, from Brody’s confession to Jessica that he’s a Muslim to the revelation that Carrie was right. Now, just as it set up a scenario that I might well have expected to take up the bulk of the season, the investigation and surveillance of Brody, it springs his exposure and arrest. Cautious, this season so far is not.

There’s a lot to say about this pivotal episode, and, unfortunately, I don’t have the time to say it—as I write this, I’m about to hit the road for some unexpected business travel (not involving a tailor and a safehouse), so a long review is out of the question this week. Some super-fast bullet points and then I turn it over to you:

* “Game-changer” is the current reigning biggest TV cliché, but here it fits—how does this not change Homeland’s game? I have next week’s episode, but I swear I have not watched it yet, nor have I visited the set, seen spoilers, &c. So my entirely uninformed guess as to where Brody goes from here? Clearly his terrorist toothpaste cannot be put back in the tube. I would be stunned if the show plans to write him off and start with a new story. I have to imagine he gets turned somehow—threatened with exposure in exchange for becoming a double agent against Abu Nazir. Any other theories, I’m glad to hear them.

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* Again, Homeland combines victory and triumph. It’s cathartic for Carrie and for us to see her stand over Brody as he’s brought down and vilify him as a traitor. It’s also, arguably, a major screw-up: by going rogue again and unilaterally deciding to force Brody’s capture, she’s single-handedly upset the CIA’s surveillance plan. Maybe she’s right that he made her—did anyone else pick up on The Look? But after this, is Estes, so recently apologetic, going to want to work with her again?

* Good God, what an electric scene between Carrie and Brody, reunited again at a hotel bar, the dynamic so similar and yet so different. “I have good boundaries now!”

* And Good God, that cornered-rabbit look in Brody’s eye as he realizes he’s in a hotel room, trapped, and scanning his mind for options.

Apologies again for the short post—duty calls. But I have a feeling we’re going to have plenty more to talk in the weeks ahead. Leave your thoughts in the comments, and see you next week.

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I am posting the following for a friend, the lovely lucelucy, who is having trouble with the new commenting system:

"Just when I was saying to myself, don't screw with Brody too much yet - I don't want him off the series - and then - wham-o. I'm liking what's his name, though - the PTSD alcoholic marine who's putting things together - would have loved to have seen those guys start to crack the case and wonder where they fit in the future scheme of things. So far, so much better than almost anything else out there. A+ level. Now to go catch up on the few A levels before getting stuck with the C's and D's for the rest of the week. Why is everything on Sunday and Monday?"


I didn't pick up on "the Look" but I think he did make her. When he wassitting on the bed afterward, he looked freaked out,panicked, like hismind was racing about what to do. Of course, that could have been justabout her saying she was onto Nazir, but the way he brought up the ECTand pushed her on it, I think he was trying to crack her facade, get aread on her. So I think even if he wasn't certain, he definitely thoughtit was a possibility.


Wow, I'm so glad I managed to catch up on Homeland just in time for this humdinger. I'm kind of with @Jeanette607  in just not caring that much about Brody's daughter, although her "Gentleman's C-minus" slam of the Veep was pretty awesome. Always great to see Virgil, and I so far I'm surprised to find that I quite like prickly no-nonsense analyst Quinn. I LOVED Carrie's look of anguish and triumph at the end of the episode. I'm also with @Bemused in wondering about the TV emergency involved in the unexpected travel. OMG, is it that the Walking Dead zombies are actually real?!


I hope that they do not write Brody's character off. Him and Carrie make the show. They have great chemistry. Maybe he can work with CIA to capture terrorrists. There are other ways to continue with the show besides killing him off.

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"Unexpected business trip"? Is there a TV emergency we need to know about? Breaking news?! ;>


@poniewozik Probably alone in this, but "Brody" storyline played out for me, want focus on"Saul" now.[Also don't care about Brody's family].


Dammit, I was literally going to use the *exact* same words to start my piece.

I'm not sure what the show will do with Brody now (the double/triple agent theory is probably the best one), but I can't imagine himstaying on as a character after this season (or maybe the next).