Comments of the Week: Oct. 6 – 12

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This week, let’s take a look at the suggestion box.

From courtobserver’s comment on James Poniewozik’s piece “Big Bird Is a Republican“: Sesame Street should only teach 25 letters of the alphabet.

If you’re middle class, like I am, don’t you somehow resent that your entire personal hard earned tax dollars paid to the government was spent on teaching the letter ‘G’ on Sesame Street? How about skipping just one letter, ‘Z’ maybe, it’s not used that much, and send me back the taxes I paid last year?

From Poppersci’s comment on the announcement of the National Book Awards finalists: pay writers more.

Not of the popularity of the Oscars or Emmys but it really should be as we need to celebrate books and intellectualism more in this country. Frankly, I’m surprised the winners only get 10 grand. It has to be a lot more.

From Andrew Leane’s comment on Tim Newcomb’s suggestions for what we’d like to see on Bear Grylls’ reality show: make reality television more dangerous.

I would actually watch a survival show where they had to actually survive.

From gooner12’s comment on James Poniewozik’s review of Nashville: some dialogue suggestions for future episodes.

was very impressed with the pilot.  The “tv-watching binger” in me wanted more episodes already and the FNL fan in me kept wanting Connie Britton to say “Hey y’all”.

From LoudRambler’s comment on Lily Rothman’s post about Steve Martin’s foray into political ads: well, we’re not actually sure whether this is a suggestion, particularly because the late, great Mr. Nielsen is no longer with us…but we’d still pay to see it.

Leslie Nielsen wrestles down Steve Martin with his left – with his right tied behind his back!

Go go Northwestern Territories!