Comments of the Week: Sept. 29–Oct. 5

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We’ve all had just about enough of debates this week, and there’s more to come. So instead let’s turn to our commenters for some cold, hard truths. Or—at the very least—cold, hard things-people-feel-pretty-sure-about.

George McDowell is sure about the Foo Fighters, in response to Lily Rothman’s post about the band’s hiatus:

“In the meantime, Grohl will stay busy with what he says could be the most important work of his life, a documentary about the San Fernando Valley recording studio known as Sound City and a soundtrack to accompany it.”

I’ve heard his alleged music. There’s no doubt he’s right: the documentary will be his most important work, even though no one will want to see it.

vrcplou is sure about Dancing with the Stars, in response to Melissa Locker’s recap of the elimination episode this week:

Ugh, if Bristol Palin isn’t out of there by next week I’m going to stop watching and I REALLY mean it this time!  It’s not supposed to be a popularity contest and she is the weakest dancer on the show; my dog has more rhythm. And yes, I clearly care too much about this dumb show!

tromero is sure about Seth MacFarlane after James Poniewozik listed the pros and cons of MacFarlane hosting the Oscars:

Dislike this fellow and his “work” passionately.  If he’s hosting, I won’t be watching.

(To be fair: commenter iSkyscraper was sure about the opposite feeling.)

gooner12 is sure about missing cowboy hats, the subject of Joseph McCombs’ piece about the changing fashions of country music:

…and this is why Country Music now sucks. (pardon my language)

ministerial is sure about Revolution, even though James Poniewozik took a second look at the show:

The Last Resort requires suspension of disbelief. Revolution requires suspension of sentience…

You would literally have to pay me to watch it, so it’s good you are getting paid to do so.