Today’s TV Trailer: Watch Lindsay Lohan in Liz & Dick

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Just days after Lindsay Lohan’s arrest for an alleged car-pedestrian accident, the actress is back in the news—but this time for somebody else’s fascinating personal life: Elizabeth Taylor’s. The much-anticipated (a nervous anticipation, but anticipation nonetheless) Lifetime television movie Liz & Dick, about Taylor’s relationship with on-again-off-again husband Richard Burton (Grant Bowler), finally has a trailer.

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The film, airing in November, looks like pretty much what we hoped/feared. LiLo yells “you’re screwing that wench!” (or is it witch?) and throws a bottle at a wall. The two stars roll around in a bed. She gets a one-liner about having a lot of husbands. The acting is questionable, but the trailer does its best to highlight Lohan’s homage to Taylor’s looks, and there it succeeds. We get cat-eye makeup, big sunglasses, big hair, bigger jewels, chic turbans and hats, fur coats and even a Cleopatra ‘do. And Lohan’s not the only one who looks good in retro duds: way to rock that turtleneck, Grant Bowler.