Comments of the Week: September 8 – 14

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This week, it became clear that our commenters know the difference between good and bad.

Jason Robbins’ knows what’s good, in reference to Richard Corliss’s review of The Wachowskis’ Cloud Atlas:

“This is no speed racer.”  You just unintentionally bestowed upon this film about the highest praise one could give.

crocostimpy’s also knew, when it came to Richard Corliss’s report of last weekend’s poor box-office numbers:

I went with what I knew would be good. Took my daughter to see Raiders in IMAX.  It was great to see it on the big screen again. Except for the melting faces at the end she was pretty impressed.

vrcplou knew what was bad, commenting on Lily Rothman’s piece about the bankruptcy of Digital Domain Media Group:

This is a clear case of karmic justice to keep them from reanimating dead celebrities to shill projects and products without the celebs’ consent, lol.  I can’t think of anything tackier than awards shows where the likes of Elvis, Michael Jackson, or god forbid, Kurt Cobain are brought back to “perform”.  Shudder.

onaturalia also knows how to spot a bad idea, writing about Mary Pols’ review of Liberal Arts:

They should go for broke and try the 54 and 16 year old spread.

On a more serious note, lurch3 has a good idea to deal with some very bad things, commenting on James Poniewozik’s analysis of the anti-Muhammad video that was been blamed for attacks on American embassies in the Middle East:

Our Country needs national t-shirt that says we do not condone and are not responsible for the ignorant stuff the nuts/crazies in our Country do.