Today’s Movie Trailer: This Must Be the Place

Yes, the movie also features psycho killers

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The Sean Penn vehicle This Must Be the Place premiered at Cannes more than a year ago, but it’s finally seeing U.S. non-festival release on Nov. 2. Penn—yes, that’s him behind the crazy goth hair and Ozzy Osbourne-ish mumbling—plays a rockstar who comes out of seclusion to hunt down his estranged Holocaust-survivor father’s Nazi tormentor, via a cross-country road trip. Frances McDormand plays his wife.

In the U.S. trailer, Penn gets in a few quality one-liners (including one to clarify the source of the movie’s title, in case that was ever unclear) and some of the odd hijinks that are necessary in any road movie of this ilk: racquet sports, above-ground pools, exploding cars and more. But the real draw, at least from what can be seen here, may be the music: David Byrne of the Talking Heads (who, in case you still don’t know, sing “This Must Be the Place”) appears as himself and also wrote original music for the film.