Comments of the Week: August 11 – 18

Clear the way!

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Let’s get things clear. Actually, how about you get things clear and we’ll just listen.

From Wook Kim’s run-down of 29 cinematic head-scratchers, Paul McNeer answers the unanswered question of exactly how many hours after midnight it is safe to feed a Gremlin:

Gremlins – at sunup it’s safe. I’ve experimented and it works.

Unemployed_Northeastern cleared up another commenter’s query about why Dolph Lundgren, a “has-been who never was” (his words, not ours!) isn’t a shoo-in to win our poll about which Expendables 2 star is the most expendable:

Yep,  just another has-been who never was who:

1) has made millions of dollars in Hollywood

2) is a 3rd degree black belt in karate

3) was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to MIT

4) has a master’s degree in chemical engineering

5) speaks several languages

And speaking of Expendables, cooldoods (who has a pretty good point) wants to be sure we’re crystal clear on why Nicolas Cage and Harrison Ford wouldn’t be good fits for the franchise, which Tim Newcomb writes is gearing up for a three-quel:

Cage and Ford are not really action hero types, they played mostly adventurer roles which is not the same, otherwise you can classify Brendan Fraser, Michael Douglas, and Noah Wyle as Expendables material. Clint Eastwood’s tough cop/cowboy persona also doesn’t really fit in with the blazing guns+explosions+fisticuffs action hero type.

In response to Graeme McMillan’s take on whether The Bourne Legacy is the herald of the story-less movie, Sean Daniel Shortwinter clarifies that there could be another reason for the phenomenon:

…some directors do indeed start with an interesting story…but then seem to say, “Screw it. Let’s blow some stuff up.”

And, having read Jessica Winter’s Q&A with Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg about their new movie Cosmopolis, reader Jan H reminds us that one thing is still unclear:

I just have one question…..At no time did I hear Rob say he is not giving KStew a second chance.  But some of these reports are saying it is over for sure.  What is the truth.  I am hoping once done with this promotion he will TALK to her Face to Face and they will try again.  He is going to be fine…..And she will to in time.

But, on the other hand, reader Julia_S thinks that comment needs some clarification of its own: