A New Show Starring Bobby Brady—Who Could Play the Rest of the Bunch?

Full disclosure: this is not much more than a hunch

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Giulio Marcocchi / Sipa USA.

Vince Vaughn at the Hollywood premiere of 'The Watch' on July 23, 2012.

History repeats itself, and so do sitcoms: Vince Vaughn is developing a Brady Bunch reboot with CBS.* The Vaughn-produce show will revolve around an adult version of Bobby Brady, the youngest Brady boy (played by Mike Lookinland in the original 1969–1974 series). This grown-up Bobby is divorced with kids and married to a divorcée with kids of her own. Sounds familiar. But, according to Deadline Hollywood, the new version will also show a shared child from the new marriage and the frequent presences of the parents’ exes, in accord with a more modern acceptance of divorce. Of course, viewers can expect an updated version of the classic theme song.

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The cast has not been announced and we won’t venture to suggest child actors to play the new Brady brood (we don’t even know if the new mom and her kids will have hair of gold), but we hope the series includes aunt and uncle cameos. If our casting dreams came true, here’s who’d fill the empty spaces on the sides of that three-by-three Brady Bunch grid.

As Aunt Marcia: Marcia was always the most beautiful, popular Brady girl, and we bet she married up. She could be the fancy aunt, played by—even if it’s a bit of typecasting—Kim Cattrall.

As Aunt Jan: Oh, Jan Brady. Forever second fiddle to her older sister, we bet Jan developed a thick skin and a sense of humor. She could be the wacky aunt who can make Thanksgiving Dinner into comedy hour, as played by Jane Lynch.

As Aunt Cindy: No offense Cindy—and maybe it’s cruel to say this about a little girl—but we always thought you were a bit of a ditz. A sweet one, but a ditz nonetheless. And that means that she could be the aunt you’re laughing at, not with. Amy Poehler, please.

As Uncle Greg: Greg Brady was always a bit of a dreamboat, but you know what can happen to high-school jocks when they move to a bigger pond. It’s not always pretty. Uncle Greg could be the embarrassing burn-out uncle. We’re picturing Woody Harrelson with a scruffy beard and a Hawaiian shirt.

As Uncle Peter: Peter Brady had severe middle-child syndrome and would sometimes disappear amid the bustle. He could be the straight-laced, conservative uncle, played to great effect by Steve Carell.

What do you think? Who else could take on those classic TV roles?

[*Correction: An earlier version of this story reported that Vince Vaughn would star as Bobby Brady. He will produce but not star—we’ll have to wait to see who will play that lead role.]