Comments of the Week: July 21 – 27

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You guys are such sassy-pants, commenters. But talking back is sort of the point, so we love you for it. (Plus, we’re trying to stay lighthearted, at least in this context, and we couldn’t have done it without you.) The past couple days were a time of much sarcasm in these parts, but not all sarcasm is created equal.

To wit:

From anon76returns on James Poniewozik’s planned schedule at the Television Critics Association press tour:

The HBO presentations would have been sweet, but NBC has its parks perks, too.

f_galton on Steven Snyder’s take on what’s next for Batman:

It would be interesting to see what Nolan could do with the Quick Draw McGraw franchise.

From lucelucy on James Poniewozik’s piece about NBC’s upcoming monkey-based programming:

What can I say? Except in the anthropological sense and wishing them well in the wild, I’m not that crazy about monkeys.

DwDunphy on Lev Grossman’s admission that he hates the book he’s reading:

Books are tough things in that, unlike a movie with which you might lose a couple wasted hours of your life, you have to commit to the act of reading. This is fine if you get a satisfying payback, but if you don’t, weeks of dedication can be capped with a complete letdown.

That’s why I don’t read. In fact, I’m typing this very message with my eyes closed. Amazing, isn’t it?

Beersheva on Stephanie Abrahams’ take on the trailer for the upcoming Life of Pi movie, which doesn’t come out until November:

The book was better.

And even our comments need spoiler alerts, but if you’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises, this one’s a winner (and we hope it fits in the sarcasm theme):

Sahib Dhiman on Graeme McMillan’s piece about the “new Bruce Wayne”:

This is so stupid in the movie itself it shows his legal name is robin, how can you possibly say he would be the next bruce wayne?