Today’s Trailer: Twilight: Breaking Dawn—Part 2

Edward Cullen's family is in danger? What a surprise

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In case you didn’t know, June 20 is Edward Cullen’s birthday. If you don’t know, you perhaps don’t care—and if you do know and care, then you don’t need any more explanation of why Twihards are celebrating double today. But in case you did, here’s it is: the brand new trailer for Breaking Dawn, Part II, the final cinematic Twilight installation, due in theaters November 16.

It’s got pretty much everything you want to see—secrets, fights, little Renesmee, an army of Volturi, another one of werewolves, tons of red eyes. And what do you want to bet Bella’s promise that she’ll never let anybody hurt Renesmee is easier said than done?

Also, if two instances can be a trend, Kristen Stewart officially has her “thing”: compare 1:11 above to around 0:26 in the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman (and the last shot, too). Way to have nailed the appropriate expression for rushing into battle, Stewart.

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