Comments of the Week: June 9 – June 15

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After reading through all the comments on Entertainment this week, we have to admit we’re still a bit confused about the exact name of the planet in Prometheus (although someone will probably enlighten us in the comments on this post). On the other hand, we’re not confused about whether there are female Rush fans, whether our readers like House Hunters or whether our commenters know how to make an argument. Yes, yes and yes, it turns out.

So we’re bringing back the comments of the week. This week we’ve got:

ERenger’s comment on Jeffrey Kluger’s take on the science of Prometheus, single-handedly solving all the mysteries of the universe:

I prefer the theory that it was a big, white, naked, alien humanoid who puked life into the earth…

Penny Piercy on Melissa Locker’s piece about the bands Rush and Metric and gender divides in rock music:

Female Rush fan (since 1980) checking in. Never heard of Metric till I read this piece.

Denise Shriver Elkins had possibly the most important comment of the week, on James Poniewozik’s piece about the return of Dallas, referring to Larry Hagman’s facial hair:

Can someone PLEASE trim his eyebrows!! They are at least 2″ tall and brushed up. Not sure what look he’s going for but I have noticed the last few years he has done this.

Samian on James Poniewozik’s story about potential fakery on House Hunters:

My mom makes me watch “Property Virgins” since I’m 24 and she insists that show will give me life lessons before I buy my own place someday.

That show better not be fake, too. >:(

The Hoobie on the the Game of Thrones/George W. Bush head-on-a-pole kerfuffle, another James Poniewozik piece:

Dang it, now I have Nine Inch Nails running through my head (which, I am grateful to note, is still attached to my body):

“Head on a pole! Black as your soul! I’d rather die! Than give HBO control!”

Or something….