Today’s Trailer: Resident Evil: Retribution

The fifth 'Resident Evil' movie is due in theaters September 14

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It’s hard to believe that Resident Evil was ever really niche, something that only gamers knew about, now that the fifth installment of the Milla Jovovich-starring shoot-’em-up series is opening in September. The trailer for the 3D Resident Evil: Retribution was released today. And don’t get worried when you hit play: Jovovich’s quaint suburban life, shown at the beginning of the trailer, only lasts a few seconds. Then there are explosions, explosions, explosions. Also bodysuits, an evil corporation and fast cars. Fans can breathe easy.

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The star herself introduced the trailer with a webcast of a live Q&A with fans, during which she revealed a few tidbits about the movie. Jovovich spoke about her “horrific” zombie-themed nightmares and about meeting her husband, director Paul Anderson, on the set of the first Resident Evil film. She told the audience that they could expect a little humor in this iteration of the series, but just a little: “I smile a couple of times,” she said. “That’s as funny as it gets.”

Also, in a response that garnered groans from the live audience, Jovovich revealed that she wants to make a sixth Resident Evil movie…but that it would probably be the last, at least starring herself. And if this is a winding down, she wants to quit at the top: Although she would not say which of the films is her favorite—”It’s like asking which of your children do you like best”—she said that Retribution is, in her opinion, the best one yet.