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Programming Note: Tuned In Goes to SXSW

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Two related notes: First, I’m going to the South By Southwest film/interactive festival for a few days starting Friday, so blogging may be light or nonexistent here through Tuesday, between travel and my navigating the massive event for the first time ever. Adjust your calendars accordingly.

Second: I’m going to South By Southwest! Specifically, I’m participating in a panel about doing arts criticism in social media—along with brilliant fellow TV critics Linda Holmes and Emily Nussbaum, Twitter movie philosopher FilmHulk, and CEO of GetGlue Alex Iskold. We’ll be talking about how Twitter in particular has affected the way critics (and everyone else) talk about entertainment and how we use the virtual watercooler in our own work.

If any of you happen to be in Austin for the festival, our panel (Arts Criticism 140 Characters at a Time) will be 11 a.m. Sunday, March 11, at the Austin Convention Center, Room 16AB. If you’re not, I’ll try to at least bring you a report from it later. I’ll also be catching various panels and screenings on film, tech and media (alas, I won’t be around for the music-festival part of SXSW), and I’ll pass along my impressions, if not here, then on my Twitter feed. (After all, that’s what I’m there to talk about.)

If you have the chance, please come by. If you don’t, I’ll catch you back here next week.