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Golden Globe TV Nominations: Another Round of Hits and Disses

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Gregory Peters/AMC

Bryan Cranston yep, Breaking Bad nope. Who can explain it?

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced the nominations for January’s Golden Globe Awards this morning. I got over my caring-who-the-Golden-Globes-pick problem a while ago. The awards are fun as a show—I never miss them—but they’re erratic at best as a an actual award for quality. As far as TV’s concerned, they’re also not much of a predictor of the next Emmys (which I have a hard enough time caring about in themselves).

Still, the awards’ eccentricity means they sometimes throw some recognition to deserving surprise recipients, and the fact that they’re not voted on by TV-business professionals means they don’t feel obligated to throw broadcast networks a bone to give them a presence among cable nominees. Then again, they sometimes convey a sense that the voters base their judgments more on publicity hype (I’m being charitable here) than on actually watching television.

So, for instance, none of this year’s Best Drama nominees–American Horror Story, Boardwalk Empire, Boss, Game of Thrones and Homeland–are on a broadcast network. On the other hand, they bafflingly exclude the best drama on TV, Breaking Bad.  And thus the awards nominated the deserving, underrated Enlightened, although it might better fit in drama than comedy. On the other hand, it again-bafflingly omitted both Louie and Parks and Recreation.

But those are the Globes! You don’t ask too many questions! I salute the better-chosen nominees (Amy Poehler, Peter Dinklage and Homeland, congrats!) and shrug off the puzzlers (Thomas Jane and Boss… huh). See here for a list of nominations if you’re interested–which really, you shouldn’t be. But enjoy the show!