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Breaking News! Aaron Sorkin’s HBO Cable-News Drama Gets a Name

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Things are moving along at the HBO Aaron Sorkin Project formerly known as “Untitled Aaron Sorkin Project.” According to Alex Weprin at TVNewser, the series, set at a fictional cable-news network now has a name… wait for it… Newsroom. (Or possibly The Newsroom. If they decide to spice things up with the definite article.)

Not a big surprise, given Sorkin’s pattern of making shows that are titled for where they take place—Sports Night, The West Wing—and it’s much less of a mouthful than Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. The more-curious tidbit to me is that the fictional network—which competes on the show with real news nets CNN, Fox and MSNBC—is named UBS, which to my ear sounds more like a fledgling broadcast network a la UPN. (Update: also, as a follower on Twitter reminds me, an apparent callback to the movie Network.) Then again, initials seem to be working just fine for HBO, so why should they listen to me?