‘Dancing with the Stars’ Week 7: Justin Bieber Performs. Oh, And Someone Exits.

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Get into last night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars, there were six remaining contestants.

On Monday’s Halloween show there were bad steps, misplaced bums, faulty footwork, and a disastrous team performance. However, there were a few bright spots, too: After performing a near-perfect paso dobles, Ricki Lake once again took over frontrunner status from J.R. Martinez and Rob Kardashian managed to pull off his best performance of the season. But none of that mattered last night, because JUSTIN BIEBER was in the DWTS house to perform not one, but two hits. That’s what we call a Bieber dobles.

The verdict: Abracadabra, there goes David Arquette. Despite his Monday night costume, David didn’t have enough magic in his old black hat to last another week on the show. While we wouldn’t have picked him to win the coveted mirror ball trophy, we did expect him to beat Nancy Grace. On his way out the door, David quipped, “There must be some mistake, this is my show!” Hope he hightailed it out of there before Mad Maks caught him.

Most surprising save: HLN host Nancy Grace and partner Tristan MacManus scored a lackluster 21 out of 30 points for a dismal dance to “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” which judge Len Goodman generously called “a disappointment.” And yet Nancy once again lived to dance another day. If she wins, someone should check to see whether she’s been hanging out by any crossroads lately.

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Best way to start a show ever: So apparently JUSTIN BIEBER was on last night? The producers wisely kicked off the show with a performance by the teen star of his hit “Never Say Never” to the tearful cheers and squeals that haunt him every waking minute. Incredibly, Tom Bergeron didn’t mention the paternity suit the 17-year old singing sensation was hit with Monday. Keep him away from those girls in the audience, Tom.

Best comeback: When Brooke Burke Charvat flatly asked J.R. Martinez if he thought he was safe, he jumped on the mic and started singing Bieber’s classic, “Never Say Never.” Close second was Rob Kardashian’s reply to Brooke’s question about being a dark horse, “Well, I’m a human, so I don’t consider myself a dark horse.” This might be the most amazing thing that Rob Kardashian has ever, or will ever, say.

Best dance: Derek Hough choreographed an impressive tango that he performed with the help of Allison Holker from So You Think You Can Dance. The performance was simple and beautiful and reinforced the fact that Hope Solo should probably get back to playing soccer already.

Reminder that the holidays are nigh: JUSTIN BIEBER returned to the ballroom floor to sing a Christmas song off his new album “Under the Mistletoe” with backing vocals from Boyz II Men. Professional dancers Mark Ballas and Chelsey Hightower were tasked with the unenviable role of having to dance in front of and compete for attention with the Biebs.

Biggest tear-jerker: In tonight’s AT&T Spotlight Performance, 17-year old Victoria-Rose danced her way back from a tumor. As Christina Perri sang her song “Arms,” the young cancer survivor performed a lovely contemporary en pointe performance. Now let’s just hope the producers kept her dressing room far far away from Bieber’s.

Best use of an also-ran: Carson Kressley, who has apparently been anointed a special correspondent for the show, was spotted chatting with the crowd. Look out Brooke, he’s gunning for your job!

Come back next week when the remaining five dancers battle it out on Dancing with the Stars.

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