Nazis on the Moon: Iron Sky and the Crowdsourced Film

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I love a good sci-fi movie. But these days, most of them are are like the Mets: tons of promise followed by complete disappointment.

But I’m excited for the upcoming “sci-fi black comedy” Iron Sky. It’s got spaceships. It’s got Nazis. It’s got Udo Kier (a.k.a the German guy with the crazy eyes.). What more could you want?  By the looks of the trailer, the filmmakers have at the very least created a fully realized and visually stunning world.

The simple premise: In 1945, the Nazis escaped to the dark side of the moon. In 2018, they’re coming back. Boom. Done. Sign me up.

The wacky plot (see its trailer here) is equaled by its quirky pedigree. Director Timo Vuorensola and his skeleton crew are based in Tampere, Finland. But they have asked genre fans across the world to help fund—and make—the film.

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Iron Sky’s total budget is around $11 million, mostly funded by European production deals. But fans have kicked in over $1 million in cash and untold value in services from special effects work to actually acting in small roles. In addition to the upfront help, the filmmakers hope that the crowdsourced, communal moviemaking experience will provide the film with an enthusiastic (and free) publicity team. “We don’t have, obviously, the money to compete with the Hollywood blockbusters in the marketing” says Timo. “But we have a couple of thousand hardcore people who will do anything to spread the word.”

The film will be completed sometime this fall and filmmakers plan the official release for early next year. When it does come out, I’ll be eager to see how it holds up. I have no idea. I haven’t seen a single shred of acting or dialogue save for what’s in the teasers (see one below). And Timo didn’t shed any light on the matter either. When I asked him for more plot details he just looked confused at the question. “Nazis are on the dark side of the moon and they come back,” he insisted, as if to say, “What else is there to talk about?”